S. Clyde Weaver’s Smoked Meats & Cheeses

Since 1920, S. Clyde Weaver has been offering the finest smoked meats, cheeses, hams, sausages and salads.
S. Clyde and Emma Weaver started this business in 1920. At that time they sold fresh meats and smoked products from their home in East Petersburg and the Northern Market in Lancaster. Those early years were a struggle. The house cellar was a “refrigerator” cooled by 300 pound blocks of ice. Sensing a need to expand, S. Clyde acquired a stand at the Central Market during the late 1920’s. A short time later, stands were opened in the Lebanon Markets and Rosemont (Wayne). In 1949, three sons-in-law purchased the business from Clyde and Emma. This partnership existed with variation until 1959 when the business was incorporated. At that time, Paul Neff and Hiram Royer managed the business until 1985 when they retired. The business is currently owned and operated by Daniel Neff (third generation), with several fourth generation family members involved in the business.
When Clyde and Emma Weaver started this business they sold fresh meats. They soon added smoked bacon and hams. in the mid 1920’s they began boiling large hams that were boned, sliced and sold as lunchmeat. Boiled ham became the centerpiece for a quality selection of sliced lunch meats. Over the years the variety has increased substantially to include rare roast beef, turkey breast, corned beef, and bolognas. In the early years, curing cellars for cheddar cheese were built. The cheese line grew to include sharp cheddar, super sharp cheddar, Swiss, Colby, brie and a variety of specialty cheeses.
The S. Clyde Weaver company continues to be known for the finest smoked meats, lunch meats, cheeses, and other fine foods that are accompanied by caring personal service.


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